AXIS M3026-VE IP камера

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  • Макс. Разрешение, пикс.: 2048x1536
  • Исполнение камеры: Купольная
  • Объектив: Фиксированный
  • Вандалозащищенная: Да
  • ИК подсветка: Нет
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  • Компактная вандалозащитная конструкция, предназначенная для установки на улице.
  • 3 Мп / HDTV 1080p
  • Дневной и ночной режимы.
  • Многопоточный просмотр.
  • Расширенные возможности для анализа изображений.
  • Входные и выходные порты для подключения внешних устройств.
  • Технология Power over Ethernet.
  • Локальная запись данных.

AXIS M3026-VE Network Camera, is an affordably priced, light-sensitive 3-megapixel/HDTV 1080p fixed dome that provides detailed wide-angle views day and night. Ideal for installation inside or outside the entrance of a hotel, boutique, restaurant, office or school.

The compact AXIS M3026-VE is outdoor-ready and vandal-resistant, with IP66, NEMA 4X and IK10 ratings. It has day/night functionality with an automatically removable infrared-cut filter. When the filter is removed, the camera takes advantage of invisible near-infrared light from available light sources to produce good quality black and white video.

AXIS M3026-VE offers multi-view streaming, which enables different areas in the camera's field of view to be cropped from the full view and streamed simultaneously for viewing or recording. Multi-view streaming can help reduce bandwidth and storage use while enabling a large area to be covered with just one camera. The fixed dome has enhanced capacity for intelligent video applications that are based on the AXIS Camera Application Platform.

AXIS M3026-VE can be mounted on walls, ceilings or pendants. It has a 3-axis camera angle adjustment for flexible installation and comes focused at delivery. The camera also supports Axis Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams that maximize coverage of areas such as along walls or aisles. It also has input/output ports for connection to external devices for alarm management and comes with a 2 m (6.6 ft.) network cable.

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